Software Assurance

Assuring the Quality of Software

When developing Products or Systems containing elements of software that controls equipment or analyses data it is essential from a Safety perspective (typically SIL driven), that when a system is to be audited by a customer / prospective user of the System, there is evidence available to the customer / end user that the software elements of the System have been developed using robust and consistent software development processes / procedures. It is also important that there is clear evidence that these processes / procedures are being followed diligently and effectively to appropriate standards and / or specifications.

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How Does it Work?

Whether you have a brand new project requiring Software Assurance support from the early concept stage or whether you have a proven Product or System in the field but want to retrospectively have the added comfort that your Product or System can pass upcoming audits, Wilde can help.
Our experienced Team can guide your Software developers through the Industry standards requirements (IEC 61508 is commonly used) which typically covers two main themes:
    • Software Quality Management System
    • Software Safety Lifecycle Requirements
The amount of our involvement is down to you - so whether you want your software developers to learn and do the management and lifecycle activities themselves with a ‘light-touch’ from our Team or you want us to take-on the majority of the activities required, the choice is yours.
In the event of retrospectively reviewing proven Products and Systems that have been in the field for some time, we often perform a Gap Analysis to help define the scope of work required. This usually takes the form of a discovery event followed by a reporting activity highlighting the required steps to take to achieve compliance.


Want to Learn More?

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This tuition session provides a simple and practical view and appreciation for the assurance of software and programmable elements. The scope covers the decomposition of software requirements and the traceability to demonstration of compliance.

The tuition is aligned with a traditional industry ‘V’ model development cycle, but also considers the assurance of Agile methods. Industry good practice standards are discussed including IEC61508, RTCA DO178C / DO254 and the UK MoD standard 00:055.


Registration / Further Information

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We can also run this course at your offices as a company-dedicated training session on a date of your choosing. Please indicate when contacting us if you are interested in this option.


Lead Tutor

Mr Richard Maguire CEng FIMechE, MBCS, MSaRS - Software and Safety Assurance Consultant & valuable associate for Wilde Analysis Ltd.