Task and Human Error Analysis

Task and Human Error Analysis is a systematic method of identifying the most critical operations and maintenance tasks performed within an organisation; and performing high quality analyses of the most critical to provide a full understanding of the risks and to identify the most effective controls.

Task and Human Error Analysis and is a very tangible and practical method that allows human factors issues to be properly identified and understood . It should be one of the first things undertaken by any organisation looking to improve its safety and reliability. Consensus is that the majority of causes of accidents are related to human error but also that most of the time people make a positive contribution to safety and reliability. Task and Human Error Anaysis is an effective way of ensuring systems are in place to maximise the positive and minimise the negative contributions of human factors in the workplace.


Our wide experience of performing Task and Human Error Analysis across a range of industries and process means we can support efficient and effective analysis, ensuring you get maximum benefit for minimum cost and effort. Our facilitation skills means we can secure active involvement of frontline personnel who can tell us how work is actually performed under all conditions; and where it may sometimes differ from methods documented in procedures or communicated during training. Our approach to applying Task and Human Error Analysis ensures risks are managed properly in practice and improve continuously.

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