Control Room Design

Applying our experience in systems-level thinking, together with detailed knowledge of control systems and instrumentation, we can help assess and improve the design of your control rooms. With a close relationship with EEMUA, we run Control Room Design training courses together with dedicated consultancy.

How Does it Work?

The role of the Control Room Operator in managing risks of modern process plant is indisputable. Detecting deviations early, diagnosing the causes reliably and responding promptly and appropriately all contribute to the avoidance of major accidents and reduces reliance on automated systems. To do this, Control Room Operators need to maintain good situational awareness. Their ability to perform this critical role will depend on them being healthy and alert.

Control room design can have a big influence on the ability of the Control Room Operators to perform their role effectively. In particular:

•A good quality HMI can ensure they have the data they need in a useful format;•The working environment can affect health and alertness;•Physical design and provision of equipment can support effective communication.• Our two day course introduces the up to date guidance on control room design for those engaged in reviewing existing control rooms or designing new or modified control rooms.

Control Room Ergonomic Study

Beyond training, we can support designers with the planning and optimisation of their Control Room through consultancy. We offer a Control Room Ergonomic Study which can typically evaluate existing control rooms against the new EEMUA 201 guide. Typically we would consider;

•Physical arrangement of the Control Room, console desks and equipment;•Human Machine Interface (HMI) provided by the control system;•Communication links with other members of the team and users of the control room;•Providing general working environment to operators for healthy concentration on their job.

This is something every COMAH site should do so they can demonstrate a robust human factors risk mitigation philosophy.

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