Effective workshops, whether it be for HAZOPs, SIL Assessments, FMECAs, RCM or Gap Analysis, all require strong and knowledgeable independent leadership. The Chair needs to ensure that all attendees are fully engaged with the process and that the available Workshop time is used effectively.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a Scribe supporting the Chair to progress the data/outcome recording more efficiently.

We have a large team of Chairs with Industry-specific experience for Safety and Reliability applications.

How Does it Work?

Workshops can be hosted at our facilities in the UK or at Client’s nominated sites around the globe. You can be assured that sufficient Workshop preparation is done so that:

  • Meetings have the right material/data available and that full Terms of Reference are agreed prior to workshops taking place
  • Workshop attendees are adequately briefed beforehand
  • The Workshop environment is comfortable for the attendees
  • Workshops are completed on time
  • Formal reports provide an independent review of the workshop outcomes and recommended actions


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