You will want assurance that your engineering consultant can deliver the service you expect – professionally, accurately and on-time. Our certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems, experience and use of robust industry-standard software tools combine to minimise any project risks.

How Does it Work?

  • Validation
  • Engineering Insight
  • Optimisation
  • Expert Witness
  • Fixed Priced/Reimbursable
  • Secondments

All projects, including the supply of software, training and secondment services, are managed through our Professional Services and CRM Systems.

Our engineers using our analysis software products are all suitably qualified and supported by our experienced management team.

We regularly and actively seek client feedback after projects are completed. These interviews are conducted by our administration team, independent from staff directly involved with the original work.  

We welcome you to conduct your own quality audits at our headquarters or ask any questions regarding our systems and experience.


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