Things often change with time. Standards are re-written, processes modified, people move on and organisations are bought and sold. What at one time was acceptable practice may now need to be reviewed. Our Team of Safety and Reliability specialists are on hand to provide an independent review of current processes, files and procedures to ensure that they comply with current legislation, that information is processed and stored effectively, and the right people have access to the data.

How Does it Work?

Whether it be a review of your current Alarm Systems management processes or keeping your Safety Files up-to-date, the key aspects of our work is that all risks are identified and the necessary measures for the control of risks are implemented. Typically the steps taken include:

  • Understanding your business and characteristics of your products/processes
  • Review of current practices processes and procedures and compare against legislative and business requirements
  • Generation of Audit Reports including recommended actions
  • Undertake specific actions identified in the Audit Report – these can be performed either by you, us or your nominated provider
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